GLASSONIC™ is one of the first speaker manufacturers to incorporate digital wireless technology into surround speaker systems, eliminating the need for speaker wire and resolving amplifier/receiver power incompatibility. Our factory is located in Laguna Hills, California in the heart of “The OC”.


True sound through glass speakers defines the GLASSONIC™ approach to hi-fidelity.


GLASSONIC™ maintains flexibility as a fundamental value. Several product lines and configurations are available for versatility, personalization, and optimal performance.


GLASSONIC™ designs, builds and markets an array of unique aesthetic glass speakers for commercial and home markets.


Unlike traditional speakers with components that break down over time, GLASSONIC™ is able to maintain this sophisticated level of performance forever. By employing the concept of sound projection through glass, each of the glass speakers can deliver true 360° sound to produce an optimal listening experience for any member of an audience.

Compact and modern design Designed for private settings Wireless models are also available for enhanced elegance, convenience, and flexibility. Built-in lighting options with multiple colors and patterns.  Customization is available.

Ready To Experience True 360o Sound?