Find answers to frequently asked questions about Glassonic. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions about our products. We are available to assist you with making your decision to purchase our products.

How do glass speakers work?

The glass is vibrated to resonate just like a traditional hi-fidelity cone speaker with the added benefit of 360° surround sound. Each speaker emits sound at different levels on both sides of the glass. This creates a rich soundscape.

How a Wireless Transmitter works?

At the center of a true wireless audio system is a wireless home entertainment hub. The Glassonic Home Entertainment Hub has multiple digital and analog input connections available, alongside bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Input signals are sent by the Home Entertainment Hub to the high resolution receivers located inside each Glassonic speaker. The Glassonic Home Entertainment Hub transmits its signal on the uncontested U-NII 5 GHz spectrum. Incorporating Summit Wireless WiSa technology, the Glassonic Home Entrainment Hub transmits 24 bits at 48kHz / 96kHz, that’s twice the quality of CD audio.

Do I need a power connection for each speaker?

Yes. Each speaker needs an outlet. Fortunately most homes and facilities have outlets every 12 feet or closer by local construction code.

Can I change or turn off the LED lighting?

Yes. Each LED lighting system is programmable. You can have the speakers illuminated in one color, changing colors or turned off. We design the speakers to fit your décor.

Where can I hear your speakers?

Our website has sample speaker files and videos to give you an idea of the systems sound. The best way to hear them is to visit your local Glassonic Dealer.

How can I order Glassonic all glass speakers?

Just visit our website for the Dealer located near you. If your area is not yet assigned to a Dealer, you may order direct from Glassonic.

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